TESTING: Unpredictiball is a highly elusive and unpredictable martial arts and sports training device which provides an organic experiential learning opportunity and hours of fun. People of all ages, even pets, can enjoy a game using the full range of your body’s capable motion. Use your full fighting disciplines and hone your skills with little risk of injury. Train your agility, strength, speed, and focus while practicing or combating other players. Develop precision movements and improve hand-eye coordination, all while having a fun time.

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Unpredictiball is set up from a minimum of an 8 foot ceiling, tree branch, or some other means of suspension. A 10 foot suspensions height is ideal for a 12’x12′ space; and 15 foot for a 20’x20′ space.The object that it is attached to must be relatively stable.

Once the Unpredictiball is suspended appropriately it can be used in a variety of ways. For single player use, try standing directly beneath the point where the Attack Sack hangs and punch it. Keep it from taggin you. For a greater challenge try not to let it pass you or try not to take a step forward while you hit it. Keep it extended out at a greater distance. You can even play blindfolded or in the dark to develop senses beyond sight. When practicing, use a variety of strikes such as the tiger claw, the mantis, the panther, or the eagle.

Traditionally, Unpredictiball is played with multiple players. This is a more competitive and dynamic game. Players will stand in a circle around the Attack Sack with at least an arm’s length between each other. The object of the game is to strike the Unpredictiball to send it projecting towards another player.

How To Play

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